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Black Ships

Black Ships | Small Worlds

30 Mar - 02 May, 2015

From Andrew Frost… The remarkable ability of photography to offer an apparently objective view of the world rests largely on understanding the aesthetic choices of the photographer. While some still claim an inherent objectivity in the mechanics of photography itself, be it old school chemical and print or the ephemeral ubiquity of digital, the staging […]

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Kate_2013_acryliconpaper_32x46cm copy


30 Mar - 25 Apr, 2015

From Andrew Frost… There are two kinds of bad painting. There’s bad bad painting and good bad painting. Where the former is noted for the painter making all the wrong choices while searching for the right ones, the latter is identified by deceptively sophisticated composition, eccentric colour and bold figuration. Amber Boardman is most certainly […]

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Emily Hunt

Doctrine of Eternal Recurrence

30 Mar - 24 Apr, 2015

From Sharne Wolff… Adopting the thinking of the ancient Doctrine of Eternal Recurrence, and referring to the “eternal hourglass of existence” Friedrich Nietzsche, among others, wondered if human lives might be infinitely repetitive. The centrepiece of this show, Emily Hunt’s intoxicating installation Doctrine of Eternal Recurrence is a fitting metaphor indeed. With the sort of dense […]

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coen young

2015 Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize

30 Mar - 23 May, 2015

From Sharne Wolff… There’s nothing like an award to get the art world humming – especially when it’s a rich prize (with total award money of $36,000) that includes some of Australia’s better-known contemporary artists. Curated in its 19th year by artist Tim Johnson, the uniqueness of this prize is its inbuilt mentoring philosophy. The twenty […]

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Sydney Royal Easter Show

26 Mar - 08 Apr, 2015

By Benjamen Judd The Sydney Royal Easter Show is here! Running from March 26 until April 8 and taking over the Sydney Showground at Sydney Olympic Park in Homebush – it’s two weeks of rides, animals, candy floss and of course show bags. The largest annual event of its kind, the Sydney Royal Easter Show is […]

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Sydney Theatre Company Presents: Jumpy

26 Mar - 16 May, 2015

By Benjamen Judd If you’re in the mood for an evening of hilarity, then booking yourself some tickets to see Jumpy, the latest production from the Sydney Theatre Company showing at The Sydney Opera House’s Drama Theatre, might the order of the day. Starring Kath ‘n’ Kim’s June Turner, songstress extraordinaire Marina Prior, and television […]

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State of Play at White Rabbit Gallery

27 Feb - 01 Aug, 2015

By Benjamen Judd Now showing at one of our favourite galleries in Sydney, White Rabbit, is their first exhibition for 2015, State of Play, which will be showing until August this year. For their first show of the year, White Rabbit have given art lovers an opportunity let out their inner child and embrace the […]

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Leo Sayer at the Seymour Centre

09 Apr, 2015

By Benjamen Judd If you’re keen to get in your mother’s good books or, like us, you just happen to straight up like 70s pop disco, then don’t forget to get your tickets to Leo Sayer who will perform at the Seymour Centre on April 9. Most of us admit to having that one aunt […]

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Paul Wrigley

22 Mar - 11 Apr, 2015

From Andrew Frost… And what might we say of Paul Wrigley‘s paintings? The maker of handsomely scaled airbrushed canvases, the artist’s abiding fascination has been with the detritus of pop culture imagery, from cheerleaders and the pyramids to the faces of famous actors, infamous writers and brilliant scientists. In the wash up of contemporary image […]

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31 Mar - 11 Apr, 2015

From Andrew Frost… Two guys named Kieran with two separate but related practices. Kieran Bryant and Kieran Butler, recent graduates of the honours program at UNSW Art & Design, work in ways that describe a relationship to the history of the forms they use. Bryant is a performance artist working in often demanding physical activities […]

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