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18 Dec - 31 Jan, 2015

The story of the Aztecs as it’s conventionally told is a narrative of a conquest by the Spanish in the mid-16th century that all but destroyed a civilisation. Guilt for that destruction was somewhat ameliorated by the claims that Aztec society was cruel and bloodthirsty, and where human sacrifice played a central role, and so […]

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Drawing Out

18 Dec - 26 Jan, 2015

In 2012 the Dobell Prize for Drawing was quietly retired: after nineteen years of annual outings it was felt by the curators at the Art Gallery of NSW there was a need to rethink the way the gallery showcased drawing and so, after a two year pause, the first Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial has been […]

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Every Time I Leave The Room

In Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1975 film The Passenger one character remarks, “…that people disappear everyday”. Yes, replies another “…every time they leave the room.” This mysterious exchange serves as the epigram to introduce the interactive installation Every Time I Leave The Room by Greg Ferris. As the viewer enters the gallery space they’re presented with two […]

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Glazed & Confused

18 Dec - 01 Feb, 2015

For anyone old enough to remember the trials and tribulations of being a school kid forced to do ceramics as a creative art will also recall the exquisitely mixed emotions of the experience: the wet clay and its plastic possibilities was a wondrous play time that morphed lumps of clay into faces, figures and animals […]

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Appelles Apothecary and Lab

By Sas Lyon There are only a few products each year that become something that is mentioned so often, and by such diverse friendship circles that you absolutely cannot help but jump on the wagon. Appelles Apothecary and Lab have definitely been the gift du jour this year across a broad slew of parties I […]


NYE Road Closures in Sydney CBD

31 Dec - 01 Jan, 2015

Posted by Sas Lyon Sydney is once again preparing for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. With Two spectacular fireworks displays, pre show entertainment, and the harbour of light parade on Sydney Harbour. More than 1.6 million spectators are expected to line the Sydney Harbour foreshore. To accommodate the safe movement of large crowds, extensive road […]

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Cold Intimacy at Anna Schwartz Gallery

15 Nov - 20 Dec, 2014

By Benjamen Judd Book Accommodation Visit Website Anna Schwartz Gallery is one of Sydney’s most innovative galleries and their latest exhibition, Cold Intimacy curated by Melissa Loughnan which is showing until December 20, is turning out to be one of their best yet. Cold Intimacy plays on the connection between emotions and images as intertwined […]

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Violent Femmes File Photos

Violent Femmes at the Sydney Opera House

29 Dec, 2014

By Benjamen Judd Book Accommodation Buy Tickets The Sydney Opera House is bringing in the big guns this summer with their Music at the House program. Truly, it’s as though they read our diaries and designed the ultimate ensemble concert starting with the awesomely angsty Violent Femmes on December 29. Anyone who felt even the […]

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Open Nearly Every Day

12 Dec - 22 Mar, 2015

From Andrew Frost… While most commercial art galleries close over Christmas and leave a “GONE FISHING” sign on their doors until the end of January, there are still quite a few opportunities to see art in a variety of settings, from the air conditioned galleries of the major museums, to less likely venues around town. […]

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A Time Of Gifts

12 Dec - 24 Dec, 2014

From Andrew Frost… As the year comes to an end and with a host of group shows and special events on the exhibition calendar, it can be a little difficult telling what’s worth a look. Here’s our helpful guide, a round up of the best of the best. What better place to start than a […]

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