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Carla Colour

Carla Colour Shades

By Niall Roeder Bright, vintage frames. Purple and blue tints. Smart and fun. This is Carla Colour’s debut range of unisex eyewear, in a nutshell. Carla Robertson, the television producer turned mother of twins turned sunglass designer is the brains behind the creative lens outfit. It’s hard to find out many details on the slightly […]

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180x180cm Oil On Plywood


06 Jul - 19 Jul, 2015

From Stella Rosa McDonald… Led by the rolling movement of paint on the surface of plywood Ildiko Kovacs paints intuitive, fluid representations of landscape. Vibrant arcs of colour allude to the phases of the Australian bush and—as in nature—life, death and renewal play out in seemingly endless cycles. Avian, mammalian and human paths appear to […]

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Hany Armanious

06 Jul - 01 Aug, 2015

From Stella Rosa McDonald… Hany Armanious’ newest body of work exists between the factory floor and the gallery interior, exploiting the tension between high and low art. Armanious’ solo presentation at Roslyn Oxley9 gallery features unique prints on cut pile nylon carpet, a conceit of production that disrupts the hierarchal divide between conceptual and decorative […]

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Cottier install

Everything and Nothing

06 Jul - 25 Jul, 2015

From Stella Rosa McDonald… If you were to discover this collection of work at the end of a long winding road or in the shadows of an isolated cave you might mistake it for an arcane map of the universe. Through diverse considerations of matter, space, time, light and sound the objects in Everything & […]

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Sonic Network no.14

06 Jul - 25 Jul, 2015

From Stella Rosa McDonald… John Aslanidis’s paintings are visual interpretations of sound. Using a unique process that involves sets of mathematical algorithms in the composition of his work, Aslanidis’s new series of Network paintings are complex non-linear webs that describe sonic diffusion. The paintings exploit the intersecting configurations of moiré patterns that can be found […]

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Inside The Belly Of The Beastman

By Niall Roeder Beastman, aka Brad Eastman, is a mural artist hailing from the burbs of Sydney. His art is abstract, often fractal and chaotic, he works the trippy relationship between simple shapes then tars them with the rainbow. His art comes in many forms; print, clothing, street and indoor murals, rugs and most recently lighting […]

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#TROPVINE: You Have Six Seconds

01 Jul - 31 Jul, 2015

By Niall Roeder Haven’t “vines” taken over the world in the last few years. No, not Tarzan’s favourite shrubbery, I’m talking about uber popular six-second videos that are plastered all over the interwebs. I can hear the 30-somethings now, “Social media used to be about pictures man”. Well not anymore, these hilarious and extremely creative […]

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Analog Watch Co

His Winter Essentials

By Niall Roeder ‘Tis the season to rug up and brave the chill. Although the frostiness of the Australian Winter doesn’t compare to that of other countries, it’s cold to us. Just because we are very summer-focussed bunch, doesn’t mean we can embrace winter stylings. What fashion path do you wander down during this time […]

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eX de Medici - Big Fantasy (M16), 2015

Sour Crude

30 Jun - 18 Jul, 2015

From Sharne Wolff… Once arrested in his youth for dancing in the middle of the street, actor Woody Harrelson is also responsible for the quote that “we don’t fight wars for democracy we fight wars for capitalism and for oil”. Titled after the less-desired type of crude – the other of which has a sweeter […]

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David Haines and Joyce Hinterding_Telepathy_2008_panorama interior view_lowres

Energies: Haines & Hinterding

30 Jun - 06 Sep, 2015

From Sharne Wolff Energy exists in a variety of forms be it radiant, chemical, kinetic and so on. While much energy is invisible it’s readily convertible into other kinds and back again. Drawing on scientific theory, the occult and philosophy, collaborators David Haines and Joyce Hinterding have sought over many years to harness, transform and […]

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