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Julia Margaret Cameron
Mrs. Herbert Duckworth
© Victoria and Albert Museum, London

***This image may only be used in conjunction with editorial coverage of the exhibition Julia Margaret Cameron from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London
 14 August - 25 October 2015 , at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. This image may not be cropped or overwritten. Prior approval in writing required for use as a cover. Caption details must accompany reproduction of the image. *** Media contact: Lisa.Catt@ag.nsw.gov.au

Nothing if not eccentric…

12 Oct - 25 Oct, 2015

From Stella Rosa McDonald… In her 1999 essay “The Genius of The Glasshouse”, Janet Malcolm wrote, “We have been affectionately laughing at Julia Cameron for over half a century”. Julia Margaret Cameron’s staged photographs are scored by finger marks, printed from broken plates and smeared with emulsion; they are technically — often deliberately — sloppy. […]

Art & Design
Mylyn Nguyen

Watch the grass grow…

12 Oct - 24 Oct, 2015

From Rebecca Gallo… Visitors to Sydney Contemporary may have noticed clutches of people peering at the floor near Carriageworks’ main entrance. These observant shoe-gazers were treated to an intricate installation of hand-cut and painted paper moths and blades of grass, gently swaying beneath metal grilles. This was the work of Sydney artist Mylyn Nguyen, and […]

Art & Design
Nick Collerson

Abandoned and obsolete objects

12 Oct - 27 Oct, 2015

From Rebecca Gallo… A useless old vacuum cleaner in front of a hand-painted garage door; water flowing down a gutter into a drain overseen by a peeping tree; an abandoned fridge-freezer, upper door swung open, casting its angular shadow on the pavement just so. Nick Collerson’s second solo show of paintings at The Hughes Gallery, […]

Art & Design
Ron Adams-camouflage Red Yellow

On love and longing

12 Oct - 15 Nov, 2015

From Sharne Wolff… Neither Ron Adams Late Heavy Bombardment nor Deb Mansfield’s Avoiding and Courting Collision are titles that conjure ideas about love and longing. Both exhibitions, however, draw inspiration from these vital emotions. Adams’ display of colourful geometric abstractions is named after a lunar cataclysm – a hypothetical 4 billion year old event that […]

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Stiletto heels and glitter cardigans…

12 Oct - 24 Oct, 2015

From Sharne Wolff… Indicating a predilection for media that includes stiletto heels, chains, wooden cocks and glitter cardigans, Sarah Contos first solo show with Roslyn Oxley hits town with a splash – and maybe a bit of a giggle. Contos’ interdisciplinary practice embraces sculpture, collage and installation. Here she employs each method of working. Having […]

Art & Design
Dara FD

Segways and other failed dreams

12 Oct - 30 Oct, 2015

From Stella Rosa McDonald… Any anecdote regarding the Segway — the motorised, two-wheeled, self-proclaimed ‘future of transportation’— now necessarily ends with the fact that the CEO of Segway was killed after he drove one of the vehicles off a cliff. Rather than aiding progress, the motorized human transporter became a prop in utopian history, going […]

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Craft Beer Fest

Sinkin’ Frothies At Sydney Craft Beer Week

16 Oct - 25 Oct, 2015

By Ben Stephens… 130 events. 70 venues. 7 days. This is how the line up for the annual Sydney Craft Beer Week reads. Back for its fifth year, this is the week we Sydneysiders celebrate the suds. Opening night is looking to be one of the standout events, with the team at Sydney Craft Beer […]

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The ARIA Nominations Are In…

26 Nov, 2015

By Ben Stephens The dates are sorted, the red carpet has been cleaned and the nominations are in. The 2015 ARIA Awards are set lay musical crowns upon the most talented heads in the Aussie music scene. A huge congratulations to Melbourne indie darling Courtney Barnett, the most highly nominated artist, with an awesome eight […]

Entertainment, Society

A man made from stars

06 Oct - 07 Nov, 2015

From Stella Rosa McDonald… Who is Trent Parke? A man made from stars. Five sets of bovine eyes glowing in the dark. Ants on a Jatz cracker biscuit. A slippery dip. Someone or something enigmatic is always crossing the lens; but who is behind it? This question remains almost pleasingly unanswered by Parke’s intimate and […]

Art & Design

Groundwork: From The Archives Up

06 Oct - 12 Oct, 2015

From Stella Rosa McDonald… Groundwork: From The Archives Up chronicles the unique architectural history of Sydney. In response to material from Sydney’s architectural archives, artists and architects working in a variety of performative and collaborative mediums plot the life of the city through the shape of its structures. Developed by curator Joni Taylor from the […]

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